Key facts

The construction of Southbank Place is a huge undertaking and will be carried out by a dedicated and highly trained team of industry professionals.

Below you will find some key facts that give an indication of what will involved during the completion of this project.

  • We will be utilising a maximum workforce of 1600
  • Eventually, more than 20,000 are expected to be inducted onto the site over the construction period
  • We will be using 23 tower cranes, peaking at 15 on site at the same time.
  • Our Concrete Package includes over ΒΌ million tonnes of concrete as well as 15,000 tonnes of reinforcement steel
  • The 91,000sqm of post tensioned slabs is enough to cover 13 football pitches
  • Grid of piling up to 60m deep
  • Over 4,000 tonnes of structural steel
  • 56 Lifts
  • 4 new London Underground ticket halls with three new escalators.