Sustainability is at the heart of all of our projects. Our vision is to design places with a positive impact and to contribute to a restorative future. We see ourselves as being in a unique position to drive change both locally and through our supply chain.  For us, each building represents a new opportunity to drive the sustainability movement forward and we strive to involve our tenants in the process as much as we can.

We are committed to minimising emissions, maximising efficiency, improving the health and well-being of our occupants and giving back to the local community throughout the life-cycle of our buildings.

Our project in Southbank Place is no exception and will continue in this approach through the following ways:

  • Each structure is future proof and boasts resilient designs that will keep them safe, solid and secure.
  • Optimum façade design to enhance day lighting levels, solar gain control, and high air tightness levels, plus high efficiency heat recovery systems.
  • Greater user control over the building through energy display devices which allows building users to monitor energy, water consumption and bills.
  • High efficiency external lighting (LED) with photocell connections, designed to minimise night pollution.
  • We prioritise the health and well-being of our building users through the provision of cycle spaces with adequate cyclist facilities and outstanding connectivity to public transports and amenities.
  • A waste management strategy that includes Tri-Separation refuse chutes.
  • Grey water recycling systems which will feed WCs in apartments to reduce water consumption.
  • 7772m2 of green and brown roofs, and it is expected that the development will increase the ecological value of the site.

Continued support to the local economy – in 2015, £4.3 million worth of contracts were secured by local small, medium and micro enterprises through the South London Procurement Network, a free sourcing and matching service of suppliers and buyers established by the Canary Wharf Group and Qatari Diar.