To deliver our sustainability aims, we have devised a number of sustainability actions.  These actions are designed to ensure our aims are achievable and will be monitored throughout the development.


Aim        Achieve or exceed the targeted Environmental Assessment ratings

Action   Individually certify 600+ residential units and two commercial buildings and all retail spaces

Aim        Specify responsibly sourced materials and achieve the maximum credits available

Action   Include our Sustainable Procurement Plan in all specifications and provide ongoing internal training on the requirements

Aim        Improve upon Part L (Conservation of fuel and power) by 35%

Action   Follow the lean-green-clean approach to reducing the energy intensity of the development in operation



Aim        Score >= 40 in the Considerate Constructors Scheme

Action   Pilot the new Ultra Site initiative with the CCS and implement best practice across the site and associated welfare facilities

Aim        Target zero (non-hazardous) waste to landfill

Action   Specify waste performance in tender requirements and monitor using an online environmental management platform

Aim        Achieve full FSC® Project Certification

Action   Appoint 3rd party certification body (BM TRADA) to obtain applicant status for the site and undertake auditing against the standard